Kalon Jarvis
ANZACC Midwest Director
Cryptocurrency trader

Kalon is an Australian who has made Chicago his home for the past three years. Kalon has worked in the financial services industry for more than a decade, as a derivatives trader and risk manager, a financial advisor, and now as a cryptocurrency trader. Kalon graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Actuarial Science and Applied Finance. He also completed a course in International Finance at the Berlin School of Economics, in Germany.

Kalon is proud of what the ANZACC organization does and stands for. Kalon brings his international financial know-how to help Australian and New Zealand businesses and individuals enter and succeed in the US market.

Kalon was a volunteer rural firefighter for the NSW Rural Fire Service and has been involved in several nonprofit organizations in Chicago, such as Sit, Stay, Read. Kalon and his wife, Kristen brought their dog, Bella, over from Australia, and are all very happy to call the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago home.

Kalon Jarvis