The Midwest chapter of the Australian New Zealand American Chamber of Commerce “ANZACC Midwest” is a nonprofit organization devoted to serving corporations, organizations and individuals interested in enhancing their relations and understanding of these three countries.

A common heritage and language, a shared spirit of independence and democracy, and linkages forged in major conflicts have long fostered understanding and affection between the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Mutual interest in trade, investment, tourism, education and culture in the Australian region and in global political and economic developments reinforce the importance of America’s relations with these countries.


The primary objective of ANZACC Midwest is to create closer ties between Midwestern United States companies, organizations and individuals with their counterparts in Australia and New
Zealand, specifically those interested in developing new markets, products and technologies. The exchange of information and assistance is expected to flow both east and west across the Pacific.


  • Provide a systematic exchange of information
  • Facilitating interactions through seminars, speaker forums and conferences
  • Assisting visitors in setting agendas and meetings with public and private contacts throughout the Midwest
  • Facilitating events with Australian and New Zealand performing and other artists
  • Developing and supporting educational exchange programs for both academics and students
  • Maintaining a web-site for access to relevant information

Board Members

Daniel Thomas ANZACC Midwest President
Leanne Redden ANZACC Midwest Vice President
Andrew Balderson, CPA, MT ANZACC Midwest Treasurer
Robyn Docherty ANZACC Midwest Secretary
Morgan Roy ANZACC Midwest Director
Nick Story ANZACC Midwest Director
Sarah Ames ANZACC Midwest Director
Chris Knepler ANZACC Midwest Non-Executive Director
David Bushby ANZACC Midwest Non-Executive Director